ZZZ SEGO Adjustment modules

The SEGO adjustment modules

The specially developed modular system from DIETZ Power enables the combination of different seating systems, which can be extended with optional accessories, with the high-tech chassis of choice. Depending on the equipment with electrical or mechanical functions, the SEGO seat console is compatible with all SANGO advanced chassis and all SEGO comfort seating systems.

Reliable and powerful actuators allow a quick adaptation of the seating system due to the very low overall height of all SEGO seat consoles. For particularly complex supply cases, the special construction provides the best solutions.

The SANGO frame and the SEGO seating system are connected by electrical or manual adjustment options (such as a tilt adjustment and seat lift). It is important to note that the tilt adjustment adds nothing to the extremely low seat height of 39 cm (offered by the SANGO advanced), while the seat lift adds just 1 cm.